Full and partial loads to Uzbekistan and vice versa

Uzbekistan (officially the Republic of Uzbekistan) - a state located in the central part of Central Asia. Neighboring states: in the east - Kyrgyzstan; in the north - east, north and north-west - Kazakhstan; in the south-west and south - Turkmenistan; south - Afghanistan and the south-east - Tajikistan. Capital - the city of Tashkent.
Main export - textile, gold, copper, gas and cars. Uzbekistan is rich in various minerals such as coal, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, lead, uranium. The Fergana Valley is an important site for the production of oil. Large natural gas resources are located in the west side of the country.

JSC "Logistikos Strategy" transports from Europe, the USA, Belarus, St. Petersburg and Moscow to Uzbekistan and vice versa. We want to emphasize that we are leaders in land transportation, so we can provide transportation services of large volumes of full loads, as well as the transportation of cargoes and shipment which is carried out every week.